EZ Brite Lights are your Mobile Headlight Restoration Experts in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Titusville and all of Brevard County. We travel to you to restore your headlight lenses. We bring all our equipment and supplies to your home or office; all we need are your keys!

Why do my headlights look like this? How did this happen?

Your headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic and UV rays (sunlight) don’t mix. UV rays deteriorate polycarbonate plastic. Mix this with road chemicals, dirt and road debris and the result is a cloudy/hazy/yellowed headlights. The manufacturer of you car is aware of this chemical reaction and puts a protective coating over you headlights at the factory. However, after about three years the protective coating starts to break down and that is when the problem starts.

What can be done about foggy headlights?

There are Three Choices

  1. Have EZ Brite Lights restore your headlights. You will receive all the benefits of replacements at a fraction of the cost. BONUS: By following EZ Brite Lights maintenance plan, you will never have the problem again.
  2. Replace you headlights with new. The cost of headlight replacement starts at around $300.00. For most cars and trucks the cost will be between $500.00 and $700.00 and higher for many models.
  3. Keep the foggy, hazy, scratched up headlights, do nothing, and live with them. However, foggy headlights make your vehicle look old and dated, and they put you and your family at the risk of a traffic accident every time you drive at night. Either you won’t be able to see the danger that needs to be avoided or someone else will not be able to see you. The number one cause of night time driving accidents is poor visibility. Do you want to put yourself and your family at risk?

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