Don’t Replace, Restore!


Keep More Money in your Pocket

Let us get the most interesting point covered right up front: Why is it better to restore your headlight lenses instead of replacing? Well, the cost to replace most headlights can be hundreds of dollars more than restoring them. The headlight assemblies on modern auto can get very expensive making them an ideal candidate for restoration rather than replacement. Modern, hi-tech optics are notoriously expensive to replace. Cars, especially custom or antique cars, are pricey to replace as well… assuming you can even get the replacement part. The idea behind EZ Brite Lights restorations is to eliminate all these concerns and more. Keep reading for other great reasons to consider restoring over replacing.

No Time to Waste

Headlight lens and/or cover replacement is not only costly, but it can come with a painfully slow turnaround. Once your parts are ordered, it can be days or even weeks before they are received and ready for installation. Why wait such a long time when you could obtain virtually identical results from EZ Brite Lights in just a few hours.

We Work On Your Schedule

Headlight restoration takes less time and poses a far lower risk (virtually zero) of damage or unexpected surprises. We come to you and do the work while you’re going about your business. You come back to your car and the headlights look like new!

Looks Like New

So how good can a restoration be when compared to new headlights? Using a distortion-free scratch, oxidation, and haze removal process, EZ Brite Lights achieves near-new finishes. Then we go a step further and seal the finish to protect it from UV rays, pollutants, and other deteriorating factors. Some customers think we replaced their headlights with new ones! Please take a look at samples of our work.

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